What thermometer you choose?

Body temperature is important information on the health status of an individual. That is why it is important to choose high-quality thermometer.

Why do I need nebulizers

As a simple device is able to cure your child in a matter of timing?

Swimming as an ideal option to strengthen the child's organism

British scientists have proved that the best way to strengthen a child's body is swimming. And to accustom the child to water experts recommend in early childhood.


How to choose children's bike

A few basic tips that will help you find the perfect bike for your little one


Where to give the child to figure skating in Moscow

Amateur clubs and schools where children are taught from 3.5 years.


Prevention of fatigue and overwork in preschool children

When a child 6-7 years, we can and should manage the situation, when the 13-14 and older, will make it harder. Care in the virtual world is a real threat to the mental and physical health of today's children.

How to help your child learn to swim

Water useful lessons for young children, and how are they safe? To answer these and other questions in our article

5 reasons to write the child to football

If your son likes to chase the ball down the corridor, take it in the appropriate section: new Pele, a child can be, and will not, but classes exactly will go to him.

Select the sports section for the child: Athletics

Athletics is the most popular sport in the world. And virtually all children have a natural inclination to it.

How to train kids in class athletics

Athletics is ideal for beginners. It helps the child develop and strengthen the body. It becomes truly Hardy and strong.


Health-improving massage for children

Massage for children can not only cure many diseases, but also to prevent possible ills.