spa treatment

Most popular spa treatments

Let's look at the most popular spa treatments for body and face

Szechenyi baths in Budapest

Széchenyi bath-the most extensive bath complex in Europe is supplied with waters wells St. Ištvara, as well as the cold clear waters of six smaller wells.

Mud in Russia: Essentuki

Yessentuki mud takes almost half the quarter in downtown Encinitas.

What is Spanish massage?

Spanish massage helps to improve skin tone, improve skin elasticity, reducing swelling and partly to relieve stress.

What essential oils to choose

Try out a huge arsenal of aromatic oils to choose the most pleasant and useful for the organism.

Than useful classic body massage

Classic massage is an effective method of treatment and prevention of various diseases. Read more in our article

The pros and cons of spa-procedures

Spa services are not cheap. But doctors are confident that these expenses are not in vain.


How to "wake up" after winter

Find out how thoroughly stir up themselves lazy after a long "hibernation"