Types of boxing gloves

Training gloves. Are produced both from natural and artificial leather. Recorded with the help of Velcro, which greatly simplifies the process of removing and donning during workouts. Are one of the most popular views of boxing gloves.

Amateur gloves. Also produced from natural and artificial leather, painted in red or blue color. Used for amateur competitions. A distinctive feature is the white circle on the punching surface which helps the judges take points. Recorded as using the Velcro straps and using lacing.

Shell gloves. Designed to work on Boxing bags and other shells. Made from leather and imitation leather, no filler. This model is easier to ordinary gloves and serves for obereganiya your hands from damage during strokes.

Professional gloves. Are the most expensive and qualitative, are manufactured only from genuine leather and applied to professional competitions. Recorded using a classic lacing. These gloves allow you to apply a more severe shock and protect the thumbs from dislocations.
Gloves with utâželitelâmi. This model is used in training. Supplied with the gloves go iron cylinders, weights that fasten on the cuff.

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