How to choose a snowboard

Choosing a snowboard is not such a formidable task as it may seem at first sight. It is enough only to stick to basic rules.

Firstly, you need to decide how and where you'll ride. There are several styles: freestyle, Freeride and frikarv.

Depending on what style you prefer, determines the type of Board you want to purchase. The main characteristic of boards is its hardness. Hard boards suitable for slalom and frikarva (i.e. styles, where an important part is played by speed). Soft will become the ideal choice for freestyle and freeride.

A significant role in selecting the Board shape plays.

  • Freeride: one nose along the length of a little more than the other.
  • Freestyle: the ends of the boards of equal length.
  • Frikarv: the Board is more length and less in width, compared to the classic version.

Important factors when selecting boards play your height and weight. The higher these indices, the longer should be classified.

Picking up the Board, pay particular attention to material sliding surface, which happens to be of the following types:
  • Graphite, provides the highest speed. However, it quickly wears out and is characterized by a high price tag.
  • Polyethylene in combination with graphite, this Board will be different good sliding and wear.
  • Polyethylene, is famous for its long service life and relatively low speed, compared with the first two options.

When you select should also pay attention to the width of the Board. It is smaller than, the easier it will be to manage the snowboarding. However, wide Board more resistant.

And the most important Tip: If you are a beginner and are choosing their first Board, feel free to consult with the shopkeepers. Identifying a reasonable budget and type of riding, you can get the results much faster.

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