How to choose children's bike


Biking is the perfect pastime for both adult and child. But if the selection adult bike increasingly less clear because you can listen to your senses, with a choice of a bike for a child, things are more complicated. But do not despair, our tips will help you find the perfect bike for your little one.

Before buying the bike you need to decide with some basic options that will help select future vehicle. Usually among them secrete the child's age, growth, time of the proposed operation, as well as the taste preferences of your crumbs.

First of all it is necessary to determine the views of the bike, which will depend on the age and physical abilities of the child. For preschoolers and primary school-age children who do not know how to skate, it's worth choosing the three-or four-wheeled bike.

A perfect bike with an aluminum frame, because it is the most easy and convenient to use. However, be sure to check before buying a bike on sustainability.

For older children you can already pick up the standard two-wheeled bike model. Note the additional features, as well as the convenience and safety of use. External characteristics should play a secondary role.

The primary option on which experts recommend to navigate when choosing a bike is the growth of the child. Thus you will be able to choose the most suitable wheel diameter and the size of the bike as a whole.

  • For children growing up to 98 see fit 12 inch diameter wheels
  • Up to 115 cm-16 inches
  • Up to 130 cm-20 inches
  • Up to 135 cm-24 inches
  • For the growth of more than 135 cm you can safely buy adult model with 26-inch wheel diameter
In addition to the wheel diameter seat height plays an important role. When selecting bike follow the basic rule: "at the bottom of the foot pedal is seated the child should be nearly straightened, and the top-do not rest against the steering wheel. Note that the leg of the child should be fully on the pedal, rather than be restricted to the toe or heel.

Also pay attention to the height of the steering wheel. The child should keep the wheel even when turning arm's length, while the steering wheel must not be rotated by 90 degrees. This will help your baby avoid serious injuries during the fall.

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