Why play golf


It is believed that among all sports, golf is one of the most prestigious and elite. Millionaires lease best golf to spend time in the company's business partners, friends or family. But Golf is not only the prerogative of the rich. Reasonable price for the golf courses and the opportunity to take the putter hire, make this sport more affordable.

In addition to the prestige of the golf has a number of useful properties for our body and deserves individual attention as a sport. Consider the 5 benefits: Golf

  1. people involved in golf, longer than usual are outdoors, that positively affects not only light but also the organism as a whole.

  2. an important part of golf is walking. Often during a game of golf people overcome up to 7 km. Scientists have long figured out that it is daily measured walk more beneficial effect on the body, compared with short-term home runs.

  3. Golf perfectly calms the nervous system and helps you cope with stress

  4. While playing golf warm up all joints and muscles

  5. the game does not overload the human body physically, therefore, is an excellent option for relaxing at the end of the working week. Thanks to this peculiarity of golf also advise elderly people

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