spa treatment

Most popular spa treatments

Let's look at the most popular spa treatments for body and face

Czech Republic

Thermal baths in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is popular for its health-improving tours due to the mild European climate and numerous mineral springs.


SPAsenie from injuries in ski resort

Spa-massage to restore

woman in a sauna

Which bath go?

Today we reveal key features between Russian, Turkish and Finnish sauna.

Массаж Васту

Watsu Massage

Are you familiar with a special kind of massage with soothing properties? This "Watsu".

How to properly go to sauna

The hot steam is not always safe, so visit the baths on rules is a whole science.

What to bring to the bath or sauna?

Going to the bath, do not forget:

Sauna in Finland

Sauna is an important part of Finnish culture more than anywhere else in the world. 

What's the use of bathing brooms

Bath is unique in its kind procedure: helps cleanse the dirt from the body, eliminates problems with health, strengthens the body and improves mood

Treatment using water treatments

Today we'll show you how to water treatments can relieve the mental and physical suffering.

Szechenyi baths in Budapest

Széchenyi bath-the most extensive bath complex in Europe is supplied with waters wells St. Ištvara, as well as the cold clear waters of six smaller wells.

Mud in Russia: Essentuki

Yessentuki mud takes almost half the quarter in downtown Encinitas.

What is Spanish massage?

Spanish massage helps to improve skin tone, improve skin elasticity, reducing swelling and partly to relieve stress.

What essential oils to choose

Try out a huge arsenal of aromatic oils to choose the most pleasant and useful for the organism.

Than useful classic body massage

Classic massage is an effective method of treatment and prevention of various diseases. Read more in our article

The pros and cons of spa-procedures

Spa services are not cheap. But doctors are confident that these expenses are not in vain.

мертвое море

Sea in which you cannot drown

Bromine content in the air of the dead sea in 10-20 times as much, which means that the nervous system is only a positive impact. Read more in our article

оздоровительный маршрут

In Chile a new wellness thermal springs route

22 medicinal spa complex in southern Chile have merged into a common Route of thermal springs (Ruta Termal).

маски для лица

Cosmetic facial masks at home

We will tell you about what to do, healthy skin, supple and velvety


What a bath to take

With sea salt, herbal extract or essential oil. We picked up some recipes that don't exactly give you freeze

водные процедуры

Where to go in the water

Today "gidrotur" is not more expensive than the standard permits in Turkey. The main thing is to find out where best to send what we you and help


How to "wake up" after winter

Find out how thoroughly stir up themselves lazy after a long "hibernation"


What is important to know about fitosaune

Learn what benefits bears fitosauna and Cedar barrel, who gained immense popularity in the present