Touring bicycle

Tourist bicycles though have a lot of similarities with racing models, but noticeably different from them. Travel models have a frame with extended rear triangle and the rims have tires and cameras. However, unlike the racing bikes, travel not equipped with equipment of the highest level, but have powerful racks and necessarily heavy solid wheels. A typical representative of the tourism model that is known to all, the domestic bike «tourist». Wheel size tourism model is typically 28 inches, which ensures a good roll.

Now let's look at the merits of the touring bicycle:

  1. Ease of highways and dirt roads.
  2. Large load capacity
  3. A wide range of gear
  4. Good resistance
However, in this model, there are also disadvantages:
  1. Unfortunately, low maneuverability
  2. Moderate permeability on difficult slopes
Thus, touring bicycle is a great option for classic campaigns of moderate difficulty, not to mention standard walks.

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