Round hoops for embroidery

Neither kind of needlework in which to embroider basis, whether it is embroidery, cross stitch and can not do without such an easy fit for the job as a frame. Only you can use them to get accurate, beautiful, attracted view work.

Round frame are two hoops, one slightly smaller in diameter. Smaller hoop for embroidery, fabric overlays on top of it is a large-sized Hoop, which pulls the fabric between two hoops, hoops are fastened among themselves special COG. With this screw you can adjust the tension of the tissue between the hoops. Round frames come in a variety of diameters, sold as-individually and in sets.
Cheap Tambour for embroidery made of plastics and plastic screw fastened among themselves, but they often break down, if made from low-quality plastic.

More expensive and durable-wooden frame with a metal screw. There are also metal hoops, but they are pretty-heavy, so hands off them will be heavily tired.

Round hoops for embroidery are convenient and that you can take them on the road, they don't take up a lot of space. Such a frame is ideal for beginner crocheters, their use for embroidery stitch or cross. It is also the most convenient hoops for embroidery with beads, you can use them for small embroidery products and accessories.

Can be found today on sale and combined frame. On the bottom circle of plastic rubber upper stretches Hoop, stylized under a tree, in between the fabric stretches.

These hoops are typically comfortable fit-loops, for which they can be hung on the wall, there is a kind of embroidery frames that serve as embroidery design, there is no need to disassemble the after work. They are suitable for embroidery small thumbnails beads, after the work termination it is necessary to trim the edges of the canvas on paths and frames embroidery you can hang on the wall. Their only minus-these hoops may be called disposable, because embroidery is not extracted from them, but immediately hung on the wall.

Another interesting view-hoops-Springs, you can capture any material stiffness. Their inner circle made out of metal springs with ears, external-from flexible plastics diameter notch. It is in this "Groove" is inserted an inner metal Hoop, pinning the fabric. This is usually the hoops are small in size, they can be used for embroidery


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