New alarm can serve coffee straight to bed

No matter how many hours you sleep, wake up to the alarm-it is almost always unpleasant. Nasty, the haunting sound of the dentist from a dream, never a harbinger of good morning. Somehow can help is that coffee, but you still need to make. It would be much better if the technology were able to independently deliver a flavored drink in bed.

Now, thanks to the British designer Josh Renofa is possible. His invention is called Barisieur and is, in fact, a hybrid of an alarm clock and coffee machines.

All you need to do in the evening before going to bed, pour water into the unit, pour the coffee beans and start the watch to the desired time. At the appointed hour Barisieur will wake you up pleasant gurgling of the water and the smell of coffee.

Looks like a hybrid is very unusual. It is made of wood and is more reminiscent of subject from stereotyped laboratory with an abundance of flasks and tubes. Interest also causes water heating system. Traditional heating elements like spirals are used in Barisieur in an unusual way. They are hidden under the bulb, that is with water, they have no direct contact. Instead, they warm special metal balls, which in turn heat up the liquid in the flask and bring it to a boil. Thus in containers formed steam and pressure coming in then on tubes for coffee beans. Quite a neat solution.

Unfortunately, there are Barisieur only in prototype form, and you cannot buy it. But the author plans to soon launch kraudfandingovuû campaign.



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