Apple Watch allows you to track the quality of sleep

Sleep is an important part of our lives. At this time, self healing psychic "reloading" of the whole organism. Many wearable gadgets offer tracking features sleep-tracking its duration and quality. Unfortunately, Apple decided not to implement such a feature in the first generation of smart watches, but a third-party program with compensated this shortcoming. Apple Watch track sleep using the free apps from the App Store.

Annex Sleep ++ is available for both the iPhone and Apple Watch, but the basic function performs a version for portable computer. To work correctly, you need to wear a watch on hand and run the application before going to bed. Night probes gadget will capture the traffic to determine how often the user is twisting and turning and how strong was his dream. Waking up, will press the button again to finish tracking.

Sleep + graphics + shows how much each phase lasted for sleep and what was its quality. In a recent update application receives not only an improved interface, but also completely rewritten algorithm for analysis of sleep. Now the program supports service HealthKit, the lack of which has been the subject of criticism from users.

In addition, Sleep + + there is a new menu with detailed statistics: you can view trends of sleep and activity by day, week, and month. An application can track the changes time zones to monitor going to sleep while traveling.

According to statistics, wearable devices, most people do not get enough sleep. Even in such prosperous in terms of leisure cities like London, Brisbane, Melbourne, Paris and Denver residents sleep on average for only a few minutes more than the minimum recommended by the specialists of 7:00 per day. And residents of Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and Mexico in average spend on sleep only 6 or 6.5 hours per day.


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