What is a Segway?

Segway-new, innovative, quiet and environmentally friendly means of transportation, which itself keeps a balance due to the system avtobalansirovki. What is a Segway? What are the characteristics of its use? Today these issues are of interest to many and not for nothing, because the vehicle had already failed to show its advantages over conventional bike, Scooter, and, in some cases, the car. This is the transport, which is not just allot you out from the crowd (very unusual and attractive looks), but also help to avoid it, because the maneuverability for your convenience is at a very high level, it easily overcomes various obstacles, which can be used in warehouses, on busy streets, parks, waterfronts and other territories.

Easy-to-manage sigveâmi makes them ideal not only for adults but also for children, the elderly. In fact, it is enough to be on the platform and you already are fascinating and, most importantly, safe travel. The world's first electric scooters alone holds the balance, so you don't have to spend time learning to ride. Simply tilting and rejecting your body, you will manage èlektroskuterom, the driver will not present no difficulty to keep balance on it, this is a very simple and accessible system, which has no analogues. Speed dialing speed, twists in place-this is for those who think that Segway-boring, actually all wrong.

Segways are very compact and very maneuverable, so it can go where will not be able to ride a bike or car: exhibition and trade centers, playgrounds, parks, airports, stations, crowded streets. His speed of 20 kilometers per hour, which is pretty good for absolutely eco-friendly and cost-effective modes of transport. Segway works on electricity, the duration of its operation without recharging is about 4-8 hours. Of course, this depends on the weight of the driver and the peculiarities of the model. On average, you can drive about 40 miles away. It does not produce emissions and charging from any outlet.

A small platform and two wheels, steering wheel, battery-and the whole structure of portable segveâ. Because it is easily disassembled, you can easily put in the trunk of the car, which makes it an indispensable on holiday. This new possibility, which you have previously not even guessed.

Source: segway-usa.ru

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