Astrological forecast for February 7, 2017 year

Today before lunch need to lurk. Because during this period the events do not develop, things are not done, nothing changes. But you can prevent a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings through negligence. Probable erroneous decisions, deterioration of health. As a rule, all started going awry.

A day when emotions should be kept in check. Any relationship better St. If you absolutely must meet, communicate with someone, do not give in to emotions, remember the tact and diplomacy. There is a possibility of interference of relatives in your personal life. Someone might want to teach you how to live correctly. Remembering that these people wish you good, you find it easier to show gentleness and adoption situation, pacify their pride in themselves.

The work can be done well established activities, something monotonous. All the better to postpone trips. Gently take credit and giving money in debt. The afternoon will be successful real estate and Legal Affairs.

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