Astrological forecast for February 10, 2017 year

Today people pulls boast, show their nobleness and generosity to show active energy. Their experiences and emotions are put in the Center to all revolved around them. People need compassion and understanding, and therefore willing to dramatize any situation to present it in such a way as to evoke empathy. In the worst case, this manifested itself in the bombast and theatrics vysokoparnosti. 

In this day of welcome charity, gifts, compliments and appreciation for other people, but it is important to give selflessly. There is a possibility to find successful solutions of conflict situations. You can make a presentation, to address official questions. Well thinking about Affairs or talk with a partner during the walk. You can perform large volume of work. Thus it is necessary to respect the work and rest.

Tomorrow lunar eclipse occurs. It is therefore very important to spend this day as much as possible, not consciously overload yourself physically. His influence you can already feel the (Eclipse begins in a few days).

If possible, arrange children's day. Take children as much attention, tell them: "you're the best, favorite, important for me, I love you!" (The same in this period should be adults, especially men, sometimes even more than children). 

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