Astrological forecast for February 8, 2017 year

Today is complicated. All areas of life can get caught in the crossfire of tense aspects. There can be a difficult situation at work and, especially, within the family. Possible emotional confrontations with women. The dialogue could easily escalate into a dispute, negotiations would be ineffective.

Expectations can nesootvetstvovat' reality. Beware of irrepressible optimism, ill-considered actions and wasteful generosity. Dangerous vanity and lust for change that can become an end in itself (change for the sake of change). Appreciate what possesses, rejoice the success of others.

This day can get past. In life people may appear, which you have already forgotten. Actually occurs again the same events that have already been. There are chances to repeat their mistakes, "stepping on the same rake. The return of past recalls any unfinished Affairs. Try to do away with them and get rid of this burden.

Very good in such a period to begin a visit to the psychologist, psychoanalysis sessions, penetration in its own self. If you can disassemble your mistakes, learn from them a lesson, then you have a real opportunity to raise the profile and strengthen its position in the eyes of surrounding people.

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