Astrological forecast for February 11, 2017 year

Today we can sleep longer. There may be anxiety, irritability, obsessive thoughts, insomnia. Likely exaggerating problems suspicious. People may feel disoriented in society, in life. Release all and devote maximum time yourself. Listen to your inner voice and you will discover a lot of new things.

Try not to spend time on empty talk and bustle, extra information, reduce communication. It is best to turn off the tv and the Internet, it is not worth being distracted by extraneous stimuli. Silence and calmness will help recharge the internal battery. Food should be easy to abandon "dead" food. Postpone all travel. Vospolnjajte energy through breathing practice, yoga, reading pleasant books, creativity.

Remember that the eclipses goes bookmarked your future, and you are the only one responsible for it. That is why it is so important not to make mistakes, be calm and peaceful, exclude all provoking situation. Need vigilance and self-control. Don't tempt fate, as worth the consequences will be long.

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