How to wake up early


It's no secret that in days only 12:00 am. And for many this time are sorely lacking. That's why people decide to get up earlier to catch as much as possible. This is a commendable wish, but whether all that easy?

Start perhaps with a question about how much is needed to sleep man for well-being. Standard experts say that for a good night's sleep should be 8-9 hours. But it is necessary to understand that all individually. Some experts, however, such an approach is fundamentally disagree. Robin Sharma, for example, argues that sleep at 8:00-just a habit, and for a good night's sleep you need only 5-6 hours. It is enough just to stick a few useful tips:

  1. Dinner or snack after 7 pm-taboo! In this case, your sleep will be deep and calm, and that's what's important.

  2. Create your own stimulus to enlightenment. For example, a glass of your favorite juice or reading an interesting book.

  3. Set alarm 2. The first one should prepare you to recovery: let this be quiet quiet music.

  4. Not worth even afford 5 minutes "in bed.

  5. Let your body once a week to sleep without an alarm clock, especially in the beginning. One month early upgrade will go into the habit, and you will become much easier!

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