Useful sleep without a pillow?


The quality and duration of sleep depends on many factors. A huge role in this issue plays a proper organization of the bed. Location of beds, the correct mattress, as well as a blanket with pillow-all is an integral part of a good night's sleep. Today we have a closer look at this item, like a pillow. So it is necessary for a full night's sleep?

To date, the views of experts in this field have been mixed. Some believe that sleep without a pillow is useful for the body, because the body takes the most natural position for him, removed the tension from the muscles of the neck and shoulder and also reduces the load on the spine and internal organs. Besides, as scientists say, mimic wrinkles begin to appear much later people sleeping without a pillow, than those who do not represent life without this bed accessory. However, it is worth considering that position during sleep must be correct.

But there is another view. Some scientists believe that sleep without a pillow, on the contrary, not only can cause problems with nedosypom (because subconsciously people will look for in a dream the most comfortable position), but problems with rotating neck because the neck during sleep is under constant stress due to lack of support. Hence, headache, muscle pain in the morning.

There are also representatives of the "golden mean". They are sure that cushion is an indispensable attribute of the bed, but you must choose wisely. Experts recommend to pay particular attention to the specially designed orthopaedic pillows that allow you to improve the quality and duration of sleep.

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