Collywobbles: what to do and how to avoid


Most of us faced such a terribly awkward situation when suddenly during a pleasant conversation with your interlocutor begins treacherously Rumble in his stomach. In most cases, this is because our body reminds us to your next meal. However, there are other cases when the collywobbles in no way connected with the need for food.

According to doctors, the most unpleasant sounds come from the digestive system and thus podtveržaût. The food we did recently, mingling with the gastric juice, is pushed through the human path moves with the help of reductions or relaxations of the walls of the digestive tract. Full stomach absorbs and muffles all sounds. On the other hand, when digestive consistence food running out, the stomach becomes empty and it was at this point that arises "rumbling".

If the stomach is empty for a few hours, the digestive system produces hormones, brain information that has come it is time to eat, because it began the process of reducing the walls of the digestive system, making the stomach would be able to absorb nutrients from food. This process is considered completely normal for any healthy organism and get rid of this completely fail, but the phenomenon still amenable to correction. If such určaniâ occurring in your belly rather often, then you must necessarily refer to the gastroenterologist.

Which hums in the abdomen?

The cause of určanij in the human body can become a famine. In this case, sounds will carry out your stomach until you eat. This most often happens in the morning, before breakfast. On the other hand, the rumbling may also become posledstvem overeating (especially heavy and harmful food) after a long break between meals. Stall during a diet can also cause those most unpleasant sounds.

Chugging may occur at the most unexpected moments of our everyday life, are associated with anxiety and stress at work, meetings, study, date.
Legumes, cabbage, rye bread, grapes, sweet-these products lead to the formation of gases in the human body, and as a consequence, to burleniû in the stomach. Not worth consuming large quantities of salted, roasted, smoked, Marinades and that can also cause the formation of gases. Products such as: sodas, coffee, tea, chocolate-are difficult to digest in the body, so their use can also lead to undesirable sounds in the abdomen. One of the reasons for a long and unpleasant určaniâ belly may become incorrect body position after lunch or dinner. It must be remembered that after eating should be slightly resemble or crouch, but never fall, otherwise určaniâ.

How to get rid of abdominal určaniâ?

Remember: collywobbles-absolutely the normal process of our body. However, if these sounds become increasingly carry, deliver you the unpleasant sensation and discomfort, consult your doctor. It will not only help to pick up individual meals, but also give more personalized recommendations. In most cases, this problem is solved quickly and qualitatively-proper diet really works wonders. Also eat natural phages, can enhance their Apple juice, broth, as well as Cranberry Fruit drink. In addition to stick to an active lifestyle. Morning exercises, jogging, fitness, swimming, yoga and even simple walking significantly reduces flatulence, which helps prevent hateful collywobbles.

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