Male hormone is detected, preventing aging

During the recently completed clinical analysis team of Brazilian and American scientists found that one species of male hormone is able to rotate reverse the aging of cells and probably fight with diseases caused by the aging of cells. This was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the course of the experiment, the researchers used a steroid danazol is a synthetic male hormone, to stimulate the production of telomerase enzyme-holding cells from ageing: enzyme provides DNA at the ends of Telomeres thickened chromosomes, not allowing their DNA.

"Some aging processes are associated with reduced Telomeres-structures on the end of chromosomes that protect DNA," explained scientist Rodrigo Kalado. Each Division of the cells reduces the number of Telomeres, but complete destruction of Telomere the chromosomes break and hold to different mutations and diseases such as aplastic anemia and cancer. During the study, researchers reviewed 27 patients with aplastic anaemia, which had been prescribed a course of danazola.

The results showed that at the time of the adoption of the drug not only stopped the Telomere Length decrease, but increased by an average of 386 pairs. At the same time, scientists point out, grew the hemoglobin level, which means that patients no longer needed blood transfusions.

According to scientists, to synthetic hormones requires a cautious approach, because there are a lot of side effects, but the discovery of anti-aging tools can be valuable in the future.


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