The world's first hand transplant

About three years ago, Chris King (Chris King) almost lost his wrists of both hands. This was due to an accident at work-as a result of the incident on each hand only thumbs.

British doctors led by Simon Kay (Kay) transplanted to the affected man both brushes from a donor. Chris King became the first British patient, who was a transplant of both hands.

Simon Kay explained that the operation of limb transplantation transplantation differs considerably from the internal organs, because you must find a donor hands to suit the patient not only efficient, but also, for example, match the color of the skin. In addition, important psychological component: patient does not only have to recover after a difficult transplant, but will need to overcome the psychological barrier, he transplanted the wrong limb.

Psychological discomfort that occurs when such operations are not uncommon. For example, it is precisely because of this kind of problem had to remove donor penis that was transplanted to a patient by a team of doctors from South Africa. The operation was successful, but the recipient and his wife have not been able to get used to someone else's body.

Chris King same no discomfort and is not very happy that he got a new hand. The operation took place recently and now the patient can not wait when doctors will remove bandages and he begins to live an ordinary life-yourself zip up shirts, for example. Before the injury he loved cycling and hopes that soon he will return again into the favorite sport.

Despite the enthusiasm of the patient and physicians satisfaction with surgery, talk about 100% success is premature. Now a lifetime Chris immunosupressiruûŝie will be compelled to take the drugs needed to prevent rejection of the donor hands. There are cases when a seemingly successful operation ended with the removal of transplanted organs because the patient stopped to observe a mode of receiving immunosuppressants.

Important and postoperative rehabilitation: a man would have to be within a few months to carry out physiotherapy exercises, devoting a few hours daily. Only in this case the transplanted brushes begin to function as needed, and Chris will be able to return to their former life.



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