Miracle plaster completely eliminates the risk of cancer returning

Massachusetts Institute of technology has developed a unique anticancer plaster. It is made from Hydrogel and easy to use. Band-aid is struggling not only with the tumor, but the problem of the proliferation of cancer cells. It can be placed in a zone affected by cancer, either before or after surgery to remove the tumor, says Gizmag. The patch allows you to influence the swelling in several visits.

Inside Patch Gold Nanorods are filled with chemotherapy drugs. When heated by infrared radiation rods release medication. In addition, killed nearby cancer cells. Also in plaster enclosed gold nanosphere. The scope does not heat up, but they are responsible for the delivery of RNAi therapeutics to the location of the tumor. In particular, the RNA therapy allows silence a gene important for colorectal cancer and causes healthy cells to mutate.

The primary advantage of a patch in that it can be used at different stages of treatment. It can be placed in the area of tumor formation prior to its deletion, it can be placed on the inner wall of the intestine after removal. In any case, the cancer will not return, new tumors will not appear, and sometimes not even need surgery to remove the tumors. It's proven testing with animals.

Source: www.meddaily.ru

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