Why do I need nebulizers

Remember, what was the very first inhaler for children? When childhood ached throat, flowed from the nose, and was tormented by coughs, mother otvarivala potatoes, put the saucepan before kid and towel covered it with his head over a hot potato that it breaths. Procedure, incidentally, very effective, and, despite the violent protests of the patient cough for a while in suspense. This procedure is called inhalation (from the Latin inhalo-breathing), respectively, with a towel and pot has a nebulizer, a simple, reliable, and there is no technical documentation it is not needed. Method of treatment of inhalation is recognized as a very effective and one of the most secure. Its essence is inhaled vapor containing medicines. This is not necessarily the potato starch, which has An emollient action, as in the example above. The inhaler for children can BREW decoctions of medicinal herbs, essential oils and even dissolve the salt, depending on the evidence. When this substance impact locally, exactly on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, without affecting the whole body. This method of exposure is safe and reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. However, a simple inhaler-pots with a towel-there is one big "but". With all his good qualities it is inconvenient, and there is always the risk of steam burns to the face. In this regard, to hold the inhalation is possible only at a comparatively adult child, not six years earlier. As a solution to the problem were invented modern inhalers or nebulizers for kids that you can buy at any pharmacy or medical supply store. The name nebulizer also of Latin origin, "nebula" means "cloud." Such inhalers for children are divided into two types: compression and ultrasound. Without going into details and differences, say that they have one task: to create a "cloud" of medicinal substances and water and make it easy for him to breathe. Nebulisers are able to do this without heating the water to a boil, thus inhalation Burns impossible. They have one flaw, it's relatively high price. But in this case, the device will serve more than one year and not two, will make treatment more effective, kid will reduce number of taken during sickness medicine, and in addition, it may well be used by adults.

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