What thermometer you choose?

Body temperature is important information on the health status of an individual. A number of diseases accompanied by characteristic changes of body temperature. In addition, the progress of certain diseases and the effectiveness of treatment can be monitored by measuring body temperature.

Thermometer appeared in the 17th century, when Galileo described the experience with termoskopom-the forefather of modern thermometers. The device was a small glass ball with pripaânnoj to him the glass tube. The measurement was carried out using heating and cooling water. Using termoskopa you can only judge on change nagretosti body: numeric values in temperature it didn't show, as it had no scale.

When selecting a thermometer, especially for a small child, the main factors is reliability, security and speed measurement.

Electronic thermometers have long loved by moms around the world for their security, in contrast to the traditional mercury. In every pharmacy has a great selection of thermometers of various brands and different costs. The question is which to choose.

First and foremost, the choice depends on who you are going to measure the temperature. For the smallest patients-babies, it is important to make the procedure flowed quickly and conveniently. In this case, the perfect choice-infrared thermometers that can issue the result after 1-10 seconds. Measurement of the infrared thermometer OMRON convenient-simply insert it into the ear of the patient and wait a few seconds.

Infrared thermometers, convenient and accurate, have only one disadvantage is a relatively high price. The thermometer measures the temperature in the ear canal.

More budget models-electronic thermometers-can hold temperature depending on the appliance model in three ways: rectal, oral and aksillârnym-during the time of 10 seconds. They may have other pleasant comfort in use. Flexible tip allows measurement even sleeping babies, without disturbing them and not worrying that the appliance can interfere with sleep. Flexible tip allows you to make measurements also oral and aksillârnym ways, without fear of damaging the soft tissue of even the most restless kid. Flexible tip have electronic thermometer OMRON Flex Temp Smart.

Waterproof thermometer allows you to easily wash appliance and measure the temperature of the water in the tub for bathing the baby. OMRON Eco Temp Basic, OMRON Eco Temp Smart, OMRON Flex Temp Smart and OMRON i-Temp mini is absolutely not afraid of the water.

If the patient has low vision will pay attention to the model with a large display thermometers as, for example, OMRON i-Temp.

If you only plan to become a mother, you may be relevant measurement of basal temperature. Basal or basic called temperature at rest immediately after a long sleep. Electronic thermometer it is better to prepare since evening. Measurement of the basal temperature electronic thermometer should produce a rectal or oral way. To obtain accurate readings, wait for the beep and carefully remove the thermometer. Comfortable measurement using an electronic thermometer with flexible tip.

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