How to use a glucometer?

How to use a glucometer? Modern devices are fairly simple to use and does not require any complex actions:

  1. First of all it is necessary to wash hands with SOAP and water, not to put an infection;
  2. Before you Pierce your finger, squeeze and release several times. It is necessary to improve krovopritoka;
  3. Turn on your glucometer (many devices incorporated independently once inserted test strip);
  4. Insert test strip. You will hear characteristic clicking sound after streak snaps into place;
  5. Prick your finger and apply a drop of blood on a test strip (a puncture is done a special pen-syringe);
  6. After the pasted Strip for some time on the screen will appear the results of measuring the level of blood sugar;
  7. After the measurement, the test strip must be discarded.

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