The formula for the perfect breakfast


For many breakfast becomes a real test in the morning. Get up 30 minutes earlier to prepare your own delicious and useful food? Not all of this venture and are content with only a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits at best or a sandwich. Others simply are late and due haste is not able to recall at least the crumbs of bread in the morning. While breakfast is the most important part of a healthy diet for a person depends not only health, but also efficiency.

Scientists have long proved that the morning meal is the most important and necessary. Our body is designed so that with up to 6 eaten 8 am completely transformed into energy, which will not be cancelled breakfast. Experts say that the availability of breakfast also depends on the intensity of metabolism: it grows to 4-5% in comparison with those who, for whatever reason breakfast stripped.

It is for this reason that admitting the breakfast people can dial up to 4-8 kg per year. Dieters should therefore pay particular attention to the morning meal. Recommend to consume about half of daily calories before 10 am. At this time, you can even treat yourself to a sweet.

Perfect breakfast includes:

  • cereals: provides long-lasting energy flow;

  • fruit: contribute to the immediate release of energy and vitamins;

  • dairy products: to "refuel" proteins and minerals.

From all these components you can make countless options for room only, fantasy and desire. Allow yourself to be healthy, slender and beautiful.

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