What is important to know about exercise with roller press

Itself is gym roller is one of the most effective exercises for the ABS. His huge load on the muscles of the abdomen can be replaced is that, visami on the horizontal bar with weights. Very pleased with the fact that for exercise do not need much. Need video, free space, and forward-to conquer the perfection of the shape.

Quite a few workouts per week and you will be amazed results can achieve. By the way, instead of exercise with roller press, with some success, you can apply the standard dumbbells, unless of course, they have pancakes provoračivaûtsâ.

So, let's get started. There are many exercises with gymnastic roll, but we will explain only the most effective ones.

  • Stand with your knees on the floor, securely grasp the handle clip, pull slightly forward. The roller should be directly under them, necessarily on par with these muscles. Make sure that the feet and knees comfortably. You can now slowly roll out the roller forward, on and on. The things hip and Corps will always fall to the floor. Here it is important that they do not touch it, and stopped right in front of the tap. The ability to restrain this provision in time when exercise with roller press, will come to you immediately, perhaps several times will have to stretch out on the floor. Keep always static muscle resistance press. Then, using the same muscles again, press again to accept the initial position. Anything complex. Exercises, remember, hips need to keep upright and back perfectly smoothly. The amplitude of movement wherever possible should be the maximum. But in the beginning, you can roll back the shell need to a distance as far as promises your flexibility of the spine, with enough force to return to its original position. 
  • In the next exercise with roller press arm should be fully extended, making reliable emphasis on video. Then, smoothly transfer weight to the lower limbs. Movie will inevitably move forward, and you should move behind him, in the end, stretching limbs. During the progress of the dynamics of the exercises, the hands should not bend. Knee cups should also remain in place.
  • Sit on the floor, then bend your legs at the knees. Take training clip in your hands and gently guide the projectile under your feet. Press your feet on swipes clips hold it out of hand. Then, performing this exercise with roller press, start slowly straighten your legs and knees touch the breast. After this vyprâmlâjtes′ and return to the start position, still slowly bending the legs.

  • In this exercise, you lie down, press your belly on the floor and pull the upper limbs upward. Keep training roller brushes of hands, firmly, to the extent possible. Push down on the training video, gradually promoting this movie yourself. Try to keep your hips off the floor. Very gently progibajte back. Make a small pause, and perform the opposite movement.
  • In this exercise, with the roller press is your goal, the impact on the obliques. Sit on the floor and straighten before himself closed lower limbs. Training roller must be located on your right. Take a movement in the right direction, as far as possible by the amplitude. To perform this last exercise everything Corps. This exercise alternating. Put the clip in his other hand and repeat the movement. It is not excluded that at first, your muscles will be severely hurt, but one who loves to skate, and must be able to haul sanochki. The effect of exercises good, do it consistently.

The intensity and the principles

For starters, this load immediately overpower cannot, in this case usually recommend put limit first with 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time.

Another thing, if in these exercises with roller press practiced bodybuilder. In this case, the principle of load aimed not only to general physical training, but also on the force.

Here, bodybuilder can take the following steps:

  1. Do the exercises forces to the limit.
  2. Put the aggravation.

With the amount of exercise does not arise, issues hard bodybuilder-working to the limit of the force. Burdening of the same to create will fail. You need a partner who will be able to accurately set and maintain a pancake on his back during the whole exercise.

Frankly, an extreme rarity that these types of exercises used with weights. However, those people who practiced it received extraordinary fortress Corps eventually.

What is important to know the drills with the roller to press?

Your feeling is a surefire recipe for success. Over time, each will feel the fortress from regular workouts on video. In these exercises, as everywhere, is very important for stability. The muscles in the first weeks, months, can severely hurt, even seasoned strongman. This is not a reason to retreat.

If you started using these peculiar, as for fitness and bodybuilding exercises with roller press, it is important to imagine the ultimate result. Because now when you started these exercises-you're already half way to the beautiful and strong body! It's good, it's beautiful-so achieve success and let the weak will envy you!

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