How to choose the right athletic shoes


Select sportswear: just pick up the right size and ability to draw attention to the natural and high-quality materials. However, many complain of problems when choosing sports shoes. Believe me, it's even easier than pick clothes if you know certain rules and hold special tips, which we shall tell you today.

General recommendations

For most in the first place may be important appearance, however, it is not necessary to do this basic criterion when buying athletic shoes. In fact, the main difference from regular shoes that it helps protect against accidental injury, relieves the load on the lower leg and foot, and also increases the effectiveness of your workouts.

For the reasons just outlined is not worth the money to spare on a pair of high-quality sports shoes, especially if you exercise or fitness on a regular basis. Worth to give preference to sports shops in which you can easily help you to choose the right pair based on the type of sports or fitness, which you do.

Remember to go to shop for sneakers must be in the evening, especially if your feet are prone to otekaniû. When training you will feel comfortable. Do not buy shoes do not fit: it should not rub or, conversely, be too loose.

Material plays an important role and made shoes. Running shoes should be light and flowing air to inside does not accumulate moisture. It is best to choose sneakers with laces, to be able to adjust the degree of tension and not allow vessels and krovotokam heavily overlap.

Shoes for different workouts

It is worth remembering that for each direction of fitness experts recommend different pairs of sneakers. It is connected with different types and degrees of loads on the legs.

Yoga, Pilates and strejtčing
These fitness require no shoes, the best option will be ordinary socks. However, if in some socks you feel uncomfortable, take a look at džazovkam.

For dance lessons also ideal for jazz shoes. This kind of shoes made of cloth or thin skin that enables the shoe tightly embrace the leg. The sole is thick and they have not secured in the Middle for greater mobility of the foot.

Step and aerobics
For these occupations require high shoes, good elastic ankle. Back should have a cutout under an Achilles ' tendon. It is necessary to pay attention to the depreciation of the tip and tail. The sole should be solid and tight. It is important to remember that for street classes this shoes will not fit.

Power fitness and exercise at the gym
The main criterion here is good cushioning. It can be absolutely any sneakers and even no matter what depreciation method is used.

Running and walking
As for visits to the gym, depreciation is important here, as well as the rounded toe. If you intend to run on rough terrain, note the model with high tread or even spiked.

Rules of care

Good sneakers require responsible care. After each training session should be thoroughly aired sports shoes and dry. Wash sport shoes depending on the frequency and intensity of workouts should be at least once every 2 months. So your shoes for a long time yet retain original appearance, and become more comfortable and effective.

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