Currently widespread use received Mesotherapy, known as "Beauty shots"

Self tanning

All because tanning systems products are used, the well-known cosmetic and food industry for more than thirty years


The first asserts that it became common thanks to the Belgian town of Spa, where the mineral spring, which has healing powers


In fact, this is one of the directions of cryotherapy-cold treatment, which is becoming more and more popular

AFT-hair removal

Diode laser with Sapphire-tipped will forget about unwanted hair on your body and face

Anti-cellulite massage

As a result of such massage fat cells "are broken down and excreted from the body naturally

Apparatus against stretch marks DermaEraze

The device, developed by European scientists, in its principle of operation and appearance is similar to the machine for applying tattoos

Art tattoo

Which picture capture, you always pick and choose: whether philosophical thought, life-affirming the appeal, character or something that symbolizes you specifically

Artificial nails

There are a few basic ways to build: gel, acrylic and build-up of biogel coating

Artificial nails

There are a few basic ways to build: gel, acrylic and build-up of biogel coating

Ayurvedic massage

Regardless of the type of massage and energy with the study of body points, or relaxing, stimulating the muscles, the wizard uses the oil mixture and essential cocktails, which affect the status of psychosomatic

Balinese massage

The procedure is in accordance with the principles of the movement of energy and activation: first, are massaged feet (including each finger), then body, hands, head and back


To this type of spa-procedures are primarily traditional water treatments, such as shower and bath, rarely-bath and its varieties

Bezyn″ekcionnaâ bezygol′naâ Mesotherapy

Cocktail of active medication is applied directly to the skin, and then it is processed by special apparatus emitting pulsating magnetic waves


After preparation of the person it moisten with water


It's a gel substance intensively affects the cells that produce proteins, collagen and elastin

Biotattoo eyebrows

Suitable for owners of rare eyebrow, because you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows and make them more dense

Biotokovaâ therapy

This type of therapy is absolutely safe and painless, and its essence is the impact on skin micro-currents in combination with application of certain drugs

Body peeling

There are several types of exfoliation: mechanical-massaging the body surface cosmetics with otšelušivaûŝimi abrasive particles; chemical-use active substances, such as acids, minerals, clay; hardware is a laser, ultrasound and vacuum technique

Botulinum toxin injections when gingival smile

More dentists are resorting to this method of solving the problem, because in the past, this required a painful and costly operation Gingivectomy

Chemical waving

Depending on the products and technologies there are several types of perms: acid (most resistant and at the same time, the most harmful), alkaline (due to the mild effects may not be suitable for all hair types), neutral (sparing, suitable even for sensitive scalp, but keeps the short-lived), French (small curls that create an incredible volume), American curling (large, natural curls)

Classic facial massage

Massage starts with manipulating nasal between eyebrows, gradually turning to the cheeks to the jaw bone

Cleaning: Manual/Manual

The first is make with anti-inflammatory soothing effect

Collagen masks

From a special cloth or sheet is cut off a piece of the right size is applied to the face and moistened with water