How to use a clamp-on eyelashes

  1. Before glue false eyelashes, you need to apply makeup: tone, shadow, eyeliner or eyeliner. Now overlay Touche on eyelashes. This is necessary in order to fit artificial eyelashes so that they are not too stood out against the backdrop of its own.
  2. Now apply the eyelashes to the eyes, to determine their size. We cut off the excess. Trim the need on the other side, where the eyelashes are longer. If you cut the lashes with the short edge, you can achieve dramatic transition from your lashes to the artificial, but it's not a pretty sight.
  3. To make it easier to glue false eyelashes, you need to prepare them: slightly warm up their hands to bend so they become graceful.
  4. If you want to make your eyelashes look more natural, we can experiment and povystrigat′ places the length, that is, make them not the same, because they are not such by nature. If you want to make a puppet or a theatrical effect, leave things as they are.
  5. If you want, you can tweak your eyelashes using a special tool.
  6. Apply a small quantity of glue on the back side of the Palm of your hand and dip the edge of false eyelashes that will glue to glue (so far only work with one eye). Pay special attention to the edges. Let the glue dry for a little bit-20 seconds, then apply as close as possible to the lash line and a little pridavlivajte fingers. One minute check stuck to Cilia, drag them right-left. Often depart exactly kraeški. This can easily be corrected-paste using a thin brush.
  7. Now hold a toothpick on top and bottom lashes, as if mixing artificial and its, you can comb for their brush.
  8. The final touch is put on the eyelid above false eyelashes thin line of eyeliner. Start from the inner corner of the eye. This technique makes the image complete and allows you to mask the line attached false eyelashes.
Maybe the first time you do not get everything the way I would like for you to come out with a patch somewhere lashes, takes a little practice. Don't despair, ultimately, the result is worth it to spend their time.
How to glue false eyelashes you already know, now you know how to shoot them. If you took the set with clamp-on lashes, then there most likely includes adhesive and Remover artificial eyelashes. Well, if you don't have a tool, can help the liquid for removal of eye makeup, you only need to attach it to the lines pasted eyelashes and leave a few minutes. If nothing goes, try adding a little oil (Castor or burdock). But it is best to use a special fluid, which ensure that native eyelashes will not be damaged during removal of overhead.


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