How to choose mascara

Choose mascara-is no easy task. And all because manufacturers offer us an infinite number of different product characteristics and formulas. That is why we decided to publish a few simple steps that will help you choose the perfect mascara for themselves.

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the desired consistency. Mascara, in which there is a high content of wax and fatty substances, more tightly envelops the lashes, that allows to increase the volume. This ink has creamy structure and is ideal for owners of soft and thin eyelashes. In contrast to it there is another type of mascara. It is more liquid than the first, not glue eyelashes, applied in a thin layer and dries quickly. This mascara is a great choice for girls with hard lashes.

The second step is to select a brush, which plays almost a starring role. Each brush is specially designed for a specific kind of lashes and to obtain the desired effect. So the simplest brush with a flat bristle brush will approach owners of soft eyelashes, if they want to achieve volume. Brush, the bristles which are spiral, it's worth choosing the girls with hard lashes. It's great they divide and podkrutit. And here's the thin eyelashes this brush will likely split will not be able to.

The length of the bristles also plays a key role. Short bristles are good for dying in the corners of the eye lashes. Long, in turn, engulf cavity by Cilia prokrašivaâ them from and to. When you choose you should pay attention to the combined brushes. Bristles, long and short edges inside, have incredible podkručivaûŝim effect.

And the last thing you should consider is the material that makes up the brush. Silicone brush perfectly splits the eyelashes, but is unlikely to give the desired volume. Plastic brush with rare bristles is suitable negustym lashes because bad enough shares. On the other hand, thick plastic bristle brush will give a great amount, but not podkrutât lashes.

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