5 ways to check the quality of the brush

First, check whether packed full of brush. To do this you need to shrink the pile of fingers and pay special attention to the place where he recorded clip. Not worth buying a brush, if formed a clear gap.

An important role is played by the quality of pile retention. Gently pull the pile so as not to damage the brush. If the villi begin to come out, do not purchase this brush. Otherwise, after the first washing your brushes can stay single handle.

Pay particular attention to the mounting clips to the handle. For this purpose it is enough to loosen the upper part of the brush. If everything is in order and handle are not flies, you can buy the brush.

When buying remember that really good brushes made of natural materials are quite expensive. Therefore, when buying, pay special attention to the price. 
If you offer the famous firm of brush at the lowest price, inspect it again for defects. There is a high probability that you offer a fake.

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