Shelf life of cosmetics

  • Skin care-1-2 years depending on the product. If the normal use, the tool for maximum 8 months at odds.
  • Natural/Organic products because they have little or no preservatives, these funds are susceptible to bacterial growth. 6 months maximum for them-and try not to touch the hands and not to drip inside the water.
  • Hulk-basically 3 months. Up to a maximum of 6 months. In General, even if a term has not expired, but you are experiencing eye irritation after applying, you should pay attention to and from such funds. The Council, do not share its ink with anyone. Something very easily "buy", even if the one who decided to give it a try, there is no problem. Immunity from all different.
  • Liquid eyeliner-term 3-6 months, like the Hulk, but here there is no direct contact with the naked eye.
  • Concealers and Foundation-6-12 months. They can oxidize when exposed to air. It is for this reason that your tonal′nik by the end of the day may look different. Make sure that they were tightly closed.
  • Cream shadow and Rouge-again 6-12 months. These funds usually often come into contact with the fingers. Making sure your hands are clean, if apply by brushing, make sure that the brush was too clean.
  • Lipstick-12 months. It is important not to heat and splashing.
  • Powders (including dry blush, shadows)-1-2 years. If you keep them clean and dry-this will be the most long-lasting products. Mineral makeup has a long shelf life overall, because it's made from minerals, in which bacteria survive difficult itself. They usually have advanced antioxidant, therefore such funds is well stocked for a long time.
  • EYELINERS and lips-2 years.


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