The base set of brushes for the beginner

Of course, different brushes for makeup there is huge variety. However, do not necessarily have all of them. Enough to create your basic set of brushes.

  1. It is highly advisable to pick brush for applying a tonal basis. It will not only help apply the product evenly, but will adjust the thickness of coating. Whether it's a flat brush or brush-duofibra-the choice is yours.
  2. Konsilera brush or proofreader. This brush will apply the product more accurately and efficiently his feather.
  3. Any self-respecting woman should have a brush for powder. It allows you to create completely weightless finish that will protect you from the effect of the mask on the face. Brush for powder must be large, soft and tightly packed. Possible small version in the form of a Kabuki brush.
  4. Round and soft brush for applying blush will gently apply and feather product. You can also apply bronzer and konturiruûŝuû powder.
  5. To create the eye makeup you will need 3 brushes: for drawing shadows for shading and shadow brush for applying eyeliner.
  6. Eyebrow brush helps to comb your eyebrows and give them the necessary form.
  7. Using a lip brush, you will be able to quickly and easily draw a path without using the pencil.

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