5 pros and cons of wax strips

There are a number of ways to remove unwanted vegetation on the body, among which the wax strips occupies one of leading places. However, before you use this method, you need to find out all the pros and cons of applying the wax strips.


  1. One of the main advantages is the availability. Wherever you are, you can always hold a session epilation independently and fairly quickly. The same set of wax strips is relatively not expensive.
  2. No need for long otraŝivanii hairs. Wax strips can grab from 1.5 mm long.
  3. Effect of using strips is maintained to 4 weeks depending on the individual hair growth rate.
  4. The application of strips over a period of time can damage the structure of the hair bulbs, and therefore the hair will either grow slowly or stop growing altogether.
  5. wax strips enough economical in use. You can use one strip until the wax is no longer capture the hairs.

Now, let's talk about "cons":
  1. One of the main drawbacks is the pain of the procedure. Besides, not all have the necessary exposure for hair removal itself.
  2. In most cases, the wax remains on the skin and gives a feeling of stickiness. Cope with it will help any oil.
  3. Unfortunately, not all hairs seize strips, and some have to remove with tweezers. And when a downy hair, there is a risk of grave and dark hairs. This is especially true when removing hairs on the face.
  4. If used improperly, the strips can cause bruises and abrasions.
  5. You may see the allergic reaction to the wax or other items included in its composition, and irritation on the skin is retained throughout the day after the procedure.

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